Aside from giving me some unexpected praise, Nick posted yesterday about how naming features is hard. As I said to him when he told me it was an issue, this sort of difficulty is something that I think is fairly common, and really should be left to marketing people. Us engineering types aren’t the best ones to explain our features to customers, because we think of everything in terms of how we implemented it.

I’ll use a feature I’ve talked about before as an example. Try explaining to your average non-IT worker that if they accidentally hit the back button in their browser, they can hit the forward button and the document they’re editing will not be lost. Something a new user would expect to be common practice, because browsers automatically do this with all other form fields. But as far as I know, EditLive! was the first WYSIWYG editor to do it 🙂

Our marketing team eventually came up with content preservation, which is the best idea anyone at Ephox had but I’m still not 100% happy with – it requires a paragraph or two to explain why it’s useful. I guess that’s the price you pay for fixing obscure bugs that people don’t even realise is a problem.