I spent the last week up in Northern Queensland.  It’s a lovely little area known as the Tablelands where I did most of my growing up.  Here’s a google map of the hotel building we booked out for the weekend 😀

I was there to participate in my Grandma’s 80th Birthday celebrations, and this time I have no excuse for slacking off on my photo sorting because other members of the family want a copy.  I really like Vista’s new photo tools so expect to see those posted before too long.

While I was away, the Ephox engineers started this nice looking blog called The Happy Pages (I’m the third photo in the header) – I hope it takes off because it would provide a window into the great team atmosphere we have and why we all love working here so much.

The other interesting news was published this morning; an article on Wikis in the Sydney Morning Herald that includes a couple of snippets from Damien.  I hope we get some attention from the community out of this, it gets a little boring when 90% of the posts that mention Ephox are from Ephox employees.