If you haven’t heard about the kid who killed a homeless guy and said it was just like a video game, well… crawl out from under that rock where you’ve been hiding, the world is spinning by without you.  But don’t put too much faith in the truth of what you read, because while CNN will never admit it the core of the article is a pack of lies.

Later that day, Gabe from Penny Arcade wrote a scathing post redirecting the blame from video games to the parents of the kid.  This is a fairly typical reaction from the gaming community, and in most cases he’d be right – far too much of the blame is placed on video games when parents are buying M rated titles for their young kids every day.

But in this case, he (and everybody else) was wrong.  Unfortunately most of the world will never know this because the story will only be told on a site where the readers are gamers, geeks, and other people that already understand how biased the media is towards video games.

Check out the pages long response by the step-mother of the kid – to cut a long story short this kid is so evil he blamed video games purely because he knew it would shift the blame away from him.  The murder happened 3 years ago, but it makes headlines now because he realised that he can feed the media’s scapegoat and make the world pity him.

If nothing else, take to heart the chilling tale of how everybody from aid workers to police who never questioned the word of a 14-year old boy were manipulated into creating hell for his parents and even sending an innocent man to jail.