Via Nick I just finished reading the top 5 ways to lose RSS subscribers. I’m guilty of the first two, and have plans to break the fourth once I get around to sorting my photos.

But I don’t blog for you, I blog for me. This is why I made my tagline “me, my opinions and I”. The stuff I write here is my personal outlet, not content written specifically to keep my readers subscribed. If you stay subscribed and enjoy what I have to say, then that’s great and I love you for it. But if you get sick of my off-topic posts and unsubscribe, I don’t actually care. If I do happen to post something down the track that interests you then it will appear on your radar eventually, just like I did when you first subscribed.

And that, right there, explains my mentality. With the rise of blog search I feel that my RSS subscription level is insignificant. If I make an interesting post, then someone will find it. And if they don’t find it from a blog search, they’ll find it as a link from someone who did. All of my other posts aren’t worth the time of most people – but that’s why I’ll always have a core group of subscribers, isn’t it 😉

I actually liken my thinking to Dave Slusher’s reason for podcasting. He podcasts for himself, not to build an audience or for money. And every time I hear him talk about his readers, I know he has the same appreciation for people who stick around that I do. It means you care about me, not just what I have to say.