The end of last week was the 500th episode of The Dawn & Drew Show, which they turned into a clip show with everything requested by listeners.  This is a huge milestone, and the continued support of their listeners is testament to the longevity of their show.  I’ve been listening since December ’04, before they were actually counting the episodes.  It’s the second podcast I ever listened to, after a recommendation from the first (Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code).  I’m even joining their minion army (I missed out on the first round during a break from podcast listening 😦 ).

D&D isn’t a show that will appeal to everyone, in fact I’d be surprised if more than 50% of my readers can stand it.  It’s raw, can be very explicit and is basically guaranteed to offend you at some point.  I love it – they don’t hold back, make me laugh regularly and once you get hooked it’s easy to see why it has such a huge worldwide fanbase:


If you’re up for the challenge, episode 500 is an hour long.  Not safe for work, not safe for parents and definitely not for the feint of heart.  Highly recommended though, if you’re interested the very last clip they play (about smoking) is the quote that Adam Curry played as a promo for their show, the one that hooked me and the one that I requested for play on show 500.