Rob posted last night about his thoughts after working with us for a month.  I’m glad to see he’s enjoying it, we work hard to make sure that the team atmosphere continues to prosper as new people come on board.  He does a good job of summarising why it’s so great; we have a very relaxed atmosphere but at the same time strive to work at the fastest pace we can sustain.  I can still remember when a few weeks after Doug started,
he couldn’t believe how fast we were going compared to his previous jobs.

Rob also talks about people who have spent their entire working life at Ephox – I’m one of them.  Hired while still at uni and 5 years later I see absolutely no reason to leave.  In fact, in my time here almost all of the people who have left didn’t really want to but had a fairly major reason forcing their hand (eg moving overseas).

I’m also amused at the opinion he has of AJ based on what he’s heard so far (AJ has been on holiday since the week before Rob started).  I didn’t think we were that obvious about how much we value him 😉