I’m slowly catching up on my podcasts – I’m down to 3 weeks behind on my music podcasts and 1 week on my regular shows. Last Friday’s Daily Source Code was something that I think everyone who listens to podcasts should hear; it’s a glimpse into the world of late 2004 when podcasting was just getting started.

Adam Curry was still living in a Castle in the Netherlands, all the podcasters were friends and the listeners who got the vision were sitting back listening to the media revolution begin (and more often than not, joining it). All of these clips are from just before I started listening in early November 2004, and unless you’ve been listening that long you won’t understand the significance and nostalgia of clips like the tap dancing news or the discovery of Dawn, Drew and Michael Butler.

What I hope you’ll get, however, is a sense of where it all started. And for those who caught on more recently, an example of the sort of content that you missed out on – the stuff that made me and many others completely give up on radio and buy an mp3 player instead, eventually growing to the point where iTunes introduced it to the masses. I couldn’t convince anyone at the time how good it was, but I hope you’ll listen to it now if only for history’s sake.

I don’t think I’ve missed a DSC since I started, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Many thanks to Julien for taking the time to put this fantastic clip show together.

Download the show here (37 mins).