Newsgator now tracks feed history

And just like that, NewsGator becomes the best feed synchronisation platform I know of. I’ve said before that the only thing FeedDemon was really missing is the ability to synchronise more than just the current contents of the RSS feed. And now it does 😀

As posted in their forums today, NewsGator has extended their cache so they now keep enough history to satisfy all but the most high traffic feeds. And thanks to forward thinking by both the NG API team and the client developers, this will immediately carry through to the clients without any extra patches. This means that two serious bugs with the synchronisation are gone:

  1. When synchronising after more than a few hours, posts not on the feed (both read and unread) are downloaded
  2. If you download an unread post in two locations, and read it in one location after it’s dropped off the feed, it will now be marked as read in the second location. (This one has really, really bugged me!)

Apart from lacking nested folders, I believe that this was the only major flaw with FeedDemon. I can’t back this up with personal tests, but I’d be willing to bet that using the Newsgator platform (between FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, mobile, online, etc) will finally rival online readers like google and bloglines.

It may not sound like much at first, but don’t underestimate the annoyance of having a post that you read in one location left as unread in other locations. It means that you don’t have an accurate picture of how many unread posts are in your list, and that breeds a lack of trust in both your RSS reader and the synchronisation platform.

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