Sigh, I guess it’s my turn for this. Thanks Jon, it’s nice to hear the FeedDemon support team knows about me but I didn’t really expect this πŸ˜›

I’m going to cheat a bit though – a couple of these are quite well-known by my friends, just not my online friends. To make up for it, I’ll include 6 πŸ˜‰

  1. I have a small vertical scar on my forehead, in between my eyebrows. Somewhere around my 8th birthday, I went to a pool with my friend. There were large rocks, I was chasing him on those rocks (playing tag or something, I can’t remember) and slipped. 2 stiches later, the doctor told me the scar would fade by the time I was 16… I’m now 25 πŸ˜›
    (bonus fact: those are the only stiches I’ve ever had. No broken bones, no other major incidents).
  2. I’m prone to stuttering. I’ve lived with it long enough that I’ve learned to manage it; you’d never know most of the time but it is the reason I sometimes speak way too fast. It gets really bad when I’m nervous and occasionally when I’m tired.
  3. I play games. A lot. I’ve been keeping that off this blog, but it leads to long periods of nothing to post because all I’ve been doing is playing games. Maybe I’ll just start posting about it πŸ™‚
  4. I was born in a tiny town called Waikari on the south island of New Zealand (map). My Dad is a Kiwi, he grew up on the Walter Peak farm near Queenstown which is now a tourist destination. I believe his parents were living in Waikari at the time which is why I was born there.
  5. By the time I was 1 year old, I had visited enough countries to say I’d been halfway around the world. We were living in Malaysia when I was born, and my Dad wanted me to be a Kiwi so my parents went on a big holiday and timed it so I would be born when they got to New Zealand.
  6. I was awarded student of the year in 1993, which for me was the final year of Primary school (Year 7).

Finding 5 people to tag was a bit tough, since only 4 other people at Ephox are blogging and most other people I subscribe to have already been tagged.

So… tags go out to Damien, Andrew, Doug, and AJ. For my fifth, I picked someone completely out of left field who I only know through a couple of conversations on a TV forum. Hi Karen πŸ˜€

Ephox is closed next week so some of these won’t appear until next year – lucky I’m on holiday for the first week of Jan, I don’t know if the other Ephox bloggers will appreciate me tagging them πŸ˜‰