My apologies for the lack of posts since the 7th of December. That, you see, was the Australian launch date for the Nintendo Wii and I’ve spent all my spare time since in Hyrule. I intended to make a tongue-in-cheek post about how I had gone there on holiday, but I was too busy playing 😛

Twilight Princess is a much-delayed Gamecube game that became a Wii release game, and one that I’ve been looking forward to ever since it was announced. I have absolutely no problems calling it the best Zelda game ever, and by extension the greatest video game of all time (a title previously held by the N64 Zelda game Ocarina of Time).

Most review sites don’t agree with me, but that’s because they are forced to review it by today’s standards; the sound and texture quality aren’t really up to their standard. I don’t deduct points for releasing a game a year or two late though, especially not one of this size.

The game itself is epic. First time through took me 43 hours, although I did a ton of extra exploring most people still take at least 30-35 on their first time through the game. It bests Ocarina of Time in just about every possible way. Magnificent theme songs; well-rounded characters; gorgeous, vibrant (don’t forget MASSIVE) world; and most importantly the best storyline in a Zelda game by far. I’ve played every other Zelda game released on a Nintendo console, and this is a much darker, more mature story than usual but it’s very rewarding and reveals some interesting new information about the history of Hyrule.

I finally finished it yesterday morning, with one of the best boss battles I’ve ever fought. I still have plenty of places in the game to explore before I set it aside, and even then I plan to replay it in 6-8 months just to experience the story again (reports are it drops to ~20hrs second time through).

If you get the chance, I highly recommend picking up this game. Simply trying it for a few minutes won’t come close to revealing the depth and variety this game has to offer.