There are an amazing number of APIs that we expose with our editor. Unfortunately, unless you know a lot of Java it can be really confusing to get started – we expose some of the core javax.swing.text functions and that is one of the hardest areas of Java you can dive into.

This is where our new LiveWorks! project comes in. The primary aim of this is to show off just how powerful the APIs are; our first 3 releases are direct from Creative Coding Afternoons. Every second week we sit down and give the team a few hours to come up with cool addons to ELJ, some of the results just wouldn’t be possible in your average editor.

We’ve picked three of the best to launch the project, and hope to add more (along with other cool stuff) in the coming months. AJ loves the footnotes which he wrote 6 months ago, personally I’m fond of the hyperlink tooltips plugin (probably because I wrote it :P)

Our developers are subscribed to the mailing list, so go ahead and try a plugin or two. You’ll need a copy of ELJ to run them, but the download comes with a free localhost license so you can play with this stuff as much as you want. We will be more than happy to answer any technical questions you have about how something works or why an API isn’t working.

Something to keep you occupied over the Christmas break šŸ˜‰

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