I’m not sure if he wanted the world to know about it yet, but his first post just showed up in my technorati search and his blog is now on Planet Ephox – it’s not like I’m revealing some big secret here.

I’d like to welcome Damien to the blogging community. Damien is our product manager, resident mechwarrior nerd and all-round nice guy who is younger than you think. He’s the one that gets to make all the hard decisions, which means you can blame him when the feature you really want doesn’t make into the next release 😛

His first post is a look at some of the reasons we have success with a Java-based editor when the world thinks they want JavaScript editors. It creeps up on you, but everyone from our developers to our customers agrees that once you’ve used EditLive! for a few days the rest just don’t compare.

I hope we’ll see some insightful posts from Damien in the future, there are some very cool things we have planned that I know he’s dying to talk about. Most importantly though, now that he has started blogging maybe he’ll read my blog more 😉

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