Ephox has just gone live with a blog aggregation tool that we’re calling Planet Ephox. So far we have our three senior engineers, CEO and the official company blogs. It’s a great place to get some insight into the minds at work here or if you just want a single feed for all things Ephox.

It’s a little strange having my posts on the corporate website, although it isn’t yet linked from the main pages it will be eventually. Unfortunately I now have an overwhelming urge to make sure I only post clean & safe work-related things, cutting out the personal stuff.

Hopefully it passes because we want this to be an open communication channel – that will be hard if I start mentally filtering my posts. First and foremost this is a blog for my family and friends, I hope to keep it that way. If I happen to post something that is of interest to Ephox clients, well that’s just a bonus 🙂

Oh and I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out who’s who on the list of people 😛