I spent some time in my lunch hour today looking at different photo sites. I have a Flickr account now, but it’s going to sit idle. I’ve decided to use Zooomr instead, for one simple reason – free pro accounts for bloggers which is still available 4 months after they announced it πŸ˜€

Not only is their pro account US$5 cheaper than Flickr, it was recently upgraded to 4gb upload bandwidth compared to 2gb on Flickr (which will probably only matter for me in my first month, but still) and when it’s easy to get a free pro account nothing else really compared.

The kicker was my username – Zoomr is new enough that “spyder” was available, and so my Zoomr URL is now http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/spyder πŸ˜‰

All I’ve uploaded so far is the images one of my older posts in order to qualify for the free account. Over the next week or so I’ll upload the rest of the images that are on this blog and then get on to the photos from Thailand.

The Zooomr interface isn’t quite as “nice” to use as Flickr, but so far the only negative point I can really level at them is their sets – I haven’t seen a way to add a bunch of random images to a set like in Flickr, which offers a drag-and-drop interface for that. There are plenty of options for setting up SmartSets though so this can be worked around fairly easily.

This does mean that I miss out on the rather massive community built up around Flickr, which is mildly annoying. In this case however, I’m going to be cheap and stick with the free account πŸ™‚