Last week a new marketing company (literally, that’s their tagline) called Crayon launched. Their launch party was in second life, the sort of activity which is growing in popularity but that’s more riding a new trend than defining one. No, the real story is in the details.

Take one company manifesto, and one awesome podsafe artist (who I gain more and more respect for every time I hear what he’s up to), and you end up with a song. Go ahead, flick through the manifesto and then listen to it. Interesting, yes?

I heard the advance play of the song before I heard about any of this, and mentioned it a couple of posts back thinking it was a great song but as usual, I hadn’t listened closely to the lyrics. Listening to it the second time, I was floored by how well he came up with a theme song for the company while still producing a song that stands on its own.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when, on the latest Accident Hash, CC explained why this new Matthew Ebel track was so special to him and how even he was surprised at the result. Shameless plug – he then followed it up with some of my favourite tracks and no talking at all, so there’s another reason to listen to it.

If this is the sort of new idea that Crayon can come up with, they’re going to blow everybody else out of the water. I’m looking forward to it ๐Ÿ˜€