I’ve got a lot to catch up on this week. Work, sleep and email are at the top of my list, and thanks to a shorter than anticipated stop in Singapore I have a few holiday blog posts left to write as well. I don’t want to leave them too long, because I have a work-related post that I want to make but I need to finish the others first.

I’ve also decided to partially break my promise to myself that I wouldn’t go back and listen to podcasts that I missed while I was away. When I say partially, I mean just the music podcasts. They’re the only ones I managed to listen to while on holiday, and they reminded me that the awesome podsafe music I hear from them is not something I ever want to miss out on.

I’m glad I did too, because I just finished listening to a very special episode of Accident Hash. That, all by itself, makes the extra time I’m spending to catch up worthwhile. It was followed by the premiere of a track by one of my favourite artists, which I just have to plug because it’s an awesome song.