Once again I find myself blogging when I should be packing. Oh well, guess I’ll be packing under the influence when I get back from town – not as bad as it sounds with the list I made as I was packing to come here 😉

I originally came up with this post, and another that I’m going to leave for working on during my trip home, while we were in Chiang Rai around the time of my Birthday (that post is up now, btw). I had no idea just how much it would ring true, and it only seems fitting that I’m writing this on the last day of my holiday.

I thought that my time in Songkhla would be back to my usual ways of geekery and computers – but it’s been far from it. Having my Dad around for the third week of my holidays has contributed to that a lot, but I’ve also found myself preferring to curl up with a book or hang out with Dad over any sort of computer activity. I’ve managed to switch off far better than I’d hoped.

I’ve had a fantastic time here, between the first week of touristy activity and the last two of hanging out, drinking, going on bike rides, hash runs, more drinking, and listening to Dad discuss old stories with his mates (while drinking).

The first week was a forced disconnect from everything technical, because the hotels we stayed in did not guarantee the safety of anything in your room – you had to take it to the front counter and put it in a lockbox (a free service). This meant my iPod and DS were locked up for basically the entire week, which was good because I couldn’t charge them anywhere (as a result my iPod battery lasted until we were almost home).

As much as it will surprise some people, I didn’t miss any of it. It was a very relaxing time, for the first few days we took trains and taxis to various sights in Bangkok itself and on one afternoon even took a trip up north (I think) to an elephant / crocodile farm. We only spent a couple of days in Chiang Rai, and the only activity there I haven’t posted about is an elephant ride we went on. I have tons of photos, far to many to post them all…

[hours later, my dad and uncle got me drunk and my uncle tried to hook me up with 2 hawt thai chicks for the night]…

As I was saying, I have an absolute ton of photos (end of holiday count is something like 580 before ditching the ones I don’t want) but although I’ve had a few chances to sit down and create a flickr account to post them on, I just can’t be bothered. This I feel is a very good sign, as I described above doing anything on computers has been very low on my priority list for the last 3 weeks. In fact anything outside the little world I’ve been living in has mattered very little to me. It’s been almost completely about having a good time while I’m here.

I’m going to stop trying to post while drunk now, lest I fall asleep before I finish packing. eh, it’s only 1:30am. I don’t have to leave the house to catch my flight until 9 😀