I’m alive! The holiday is going quite well so far 🙂

I’ve got some posts I’d like to make, to the point where I started jotting down notes on paper because there wasn’t a computer nearby and I didn’t want to forget the details. I’ve only just organised a reasonable setup for internet access so I can actually communicate again – but I won’t be doing it at the expense of having a good time. Of the three weeks I’m spending here my dad only has time off work for the first two; so next week I will no doubt have plenty of time to start that flickr account and talk about some details of my trip. Whether I post anything before then will depend on how much time we spend sitting around. I doubt it’ll be much.

I have spent a little bit of time writing, last night I put together a post about my birthday but it still needs some polish. I’ll be backdating it, so keep an eye out for that entry to magically appear 😀

I also had this huge rant planned about how much my day on Saturday sucked, and it did – but I’m over it now, which is a missed opportunity for a spontaneous blog entry but also saves you from reading my bitchings. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or not 😉