Things I’ve learnt so far:

  • A check-in line of 45min sucks.
  • It doesn’t suck that much when while in the line you hear that someone’s 10:50pm flight had some operational delays and won’t be leaving until 5am.
  • The currency exchange shop charges more than it would cost me to withdraw the cash on my visa debit card as a VISA cash withdrawal when I get there.
  • They don’t advertise that very well, so I just wasted 50c. For both exchanges.
  • The camera shop that claims to price check against all major airports and provide better deals, has the camera I want for the same price I could get it at the discount camera warehouse. And there’s no tax here.
  • The “msn” button on this internet kiosk points to MSN Web Messenger, and every time I sign in IE6 blocks the popup (and then forgets that I want to allow popups when I get redirected back to the signin page).

Fun start to the trip! You’d think I’d never travelled before, when it’s actually been less than 4 years since I last left the country 🙂

btw this is not meant as a negative post, just some amusing observations 😉