With 48hrs before I leave for 3 weeks holiday in Thailand, tonight is my night for organising what I’m going to take and at least partially packing my bag. So what am I doing? Why, blogging of course 😉

It occurred to me recently that in order to keep my podcast subscriptions up to date while I’m away, I would have to take my iTunes library with me. Not particularly difficult, but thinking about it more I’ve decided that I will disconnect completely. This means not downloading any podcasts, and when I get home I will not download old episodes – which will be a first for me, so we’ll see how that goes. It will be for the best, because I can hardly relax and unwind when I’m trying to make sure I don’t fall behind in my podcast listening.

One of the things I’m not looking forward to when I return is unsubscribing to shows that I don’t need. Some of the shows I’ve been listening to since the beginning, so I’ll never be able to give them up; but I already know that I have more subscriptions than I should be listening to on an average week and I need to cut back. With 3 weeks of downtime I will fairly easily listen to everything in my podcast list so this will make it much more obvious which shows are taking up too much time for the value they give me.

Back on topic, podcasts are absolutely the only thing that I’ll really miss. I can live without the TV shows, the World of Warcraft raids, chatting on various forums & MSN, my RSS news feeds and even email. But having such a wide variety of content on tap has meant that no matter what mood I’m in there is always something to fit from my podcast list, and not having fresh content available will be annoying.

I’m hoping it’ll just remind me that I shouldn’t waste my time with things that I could be doing at home, and get on with enjoying my holiday. I wonder if that’ll happen before I finish listening to everything in my collection 😉