I’ve always thought this was a silly metaphor for announcements, so to start with here’s a funny picture of a cat crawling out of a bag. Courtesy of google image search and this blog entry.

I’ve been a little busy this week so haven’t had a chance to blog about it, but on Monday the sales team decided to post an announcement on the Ephox blog – the big feature for our next release is Track Changes!

For an idea of what we’ve done, take a look at the demos for our Java WYSIWYG editor and imagine that with change tracking. It will (we hope) rival, if not surpass, the same feature in MS Word. It’s going to be big.

I won’t go into too much detail until our beta release is out, but this is what the Ephox Engineering team has been working hard on for a while (our last major release was August 2005). I’m kinda surprised at how stable it is for a beta, which is almost completely due to XP and that’s something I will post about later. For now, I’m just looking forward to when I can start talking about it in detail 😀