1. Playing around with the new UI is just as addictive as it was on OSX when I first got a hold of my mum’s laptop, and leads to staying up late :(.  I had a brief play with it with Beta 2, but it wasn’t stable enough to use full time… which leads to my next point.
  2. It’s stable so far, and the memory management has improved in leaps and bounds over Beta 2 – which was already noticably better than XP.  Makes everything feel MUCH snappier in low memory situations, which makes the extra memory used by the UI irellevant.  I have over 2gb allocated between ram and swap, but it’s running as fast as XP does with less than half that.
  3. I’m buying 3 or 4gb ram for my next machine.  I only have 1gb right now, which is more than enough for regular use with all the pretty stuff turned on.  Still evaluating game performance – just moved my swapfile to my secondary drive (same thing I do under XP) which should improve life.
    Some games are already using 1gb though so 2gb is going to be a minimum next year which means I’m getting more because I hate shutting down email/web/itunes to play games.
  4. I can’t see any reason to pay for the ultimate edition.  In fact if I decide to replace my main windows install (Vista is on a slow partition atm) I’ll be switching to the home premium mode to make sure I won’t miss any of the business features.  I know I won’t miss any of the ultimate features, especially not when they include all the business features for no reason I can see.

The major issues I had with Beta 2 are gone, most importantly the vast reduction in UAC prompts.  It’ll probably take me a little while to test the waters before I take the plunge completely, but damn I hope I can because I love this interface.