I can never give a straight answer about why I listen to podcasts. There are a variety of reasons, but one in particular hit me on the way home.

I was listening to the Evil Genius Chronicles, specifically an episode from 2 weeks ago which was Dave’s 2-year podcast anniversary. It’s good, as podcasts go, and while it’s far more music-heavy than most episodes it’s a good example of the show. It’s also not work safe, he’s not afraid to use a little profanity when appropriate.

Towards the end of the episode Dave describes why he podcasts. And it made me realise that they’re many of the same reasons I listen – Dave sits down whenever he gets the urge and shares his thoughts along with some insight into his life. A bit like your favourite radio DJ, only far more open, more personal and less controlled.

It reminds me of what the Daily Source Code used to be before Adam started podshow – fun to listen to, completely freeform and not tied down by satellite times or company promotions. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the DSC – but it has changed.

EGC is rock solid in its unwavering randomness, and the schedule is completely unnanounced but slow enough to not interfere with listening to my regular shows. Makes me appreciate each episode even more, and I can see myself enjoying Dave’s work for many episodes to come.