I think I’m going to blog about specific artists regularly, I’ve already got a few in mind (and a new category too!). But a few days ago I got a surprise comment on my old entry about podsafe artists, so I’m going to make her my next feature.

Anji Bee is the lead vocalist for the Lovespirals, who have a relaxing, smooth, downtempo sound that took a while to grow on me but I’m totally hooked. They do have a page on the PMN but only one of the tracks from their 2005 album Free & Easy is available; it is however a very good example of their style and they have other tracks up as well. If you want more, there are 2-minute samples on the CDBaby page for the album – in particular tracks 1 and 4 are worth checking out.

There is a Lovespirals podcast that I haven’t listened to, but I’m a very faithful subscriber to Anji’s Chillcast (and you can see where I got the post tagline from ;)). The Chillcast is a perfect way to relax, just find somewhere comfortable and enjoy a smooth laid back selection of music in between Anji purring in your ear for half an hour.

I regularly use it to help me doze off after a long day, speaking of which I’ve had one of those so I’m going to go do that right now šŸ˜‰


EDIT: To get the chillcast feed you need to visit the archives. I really hope podshow fix that soon.

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