Back in January I posted about the band bill doing what they called a “podcast payback” which in the end was the only way I could get a copy of their Birthday Suit album.

Well I got a note in my comments the other day from one of the band members, turns out those crazy kids are doing it again with “Podcast Payback 2”! I promised to post about it last week, but I forgot. Sorry guys 😦

Luckily I remembered because it starts today. Head on over to the download page and grab your copy of the Blue Roof Session! It finishes on the 20th of August, so if you miss out it’s your own damn fault 😛

Details about the download:

Entitled “Blue Roof Session (6.25.06)”, the bundle consists of five new songs recorded live 6.25.06 at Blue Roof Studios in San Diego, CA.

To download a free copy of the recording all you have to do is go to from Aug. 14th – 20th, enter your email address, and you will be sent a link for the download. Don’t worry. We won’t spam you and only plan to use your email to let you know about future downloads — some of which are already in the works.

Along with the music giveaway, bill will randomly select 10 downloaders to receive one of their newly printed shirts (pictures coming soon).

5 tracks of good music for free. What more can you ask for? If you like it, check out their album (you can stream it completely for free on their website) which is a whole US$5 for digital download. Fantastic value.