I decided last week to hook up my Super Nintendo control pad to my PC, after getting frustrated with the digital controls on the gamepad I have. So I ordered a controller extension cable, with the intention of cutting one end off and wiring it to a parallel port connector. I already had a DB25 connector from the last time I did this 4 years ago, but back then I just used some stiff wire jammed in the connector plug. This time, I wanted to do it properly.

At any rate, the cable arrived today and I decided to test it. Digging out my old SNES, I hooked it up to the TV with the RF adapter but to my disappointment it refused to work. As I was packing it up however, I spotted a picture of the optional A/V cable (which I never needed) on the box – and the connector jumped out at me. It was the same as the A/V connector for my GameCube – yay for whoever decided Nintendo should maintain hardware compatibility 😀

After blowing the dust out of the cartridges, 5 minutes later I was playing my SNES and reliving memories from 10 years ago. It felt wrong playing the old thing on my 24″ LCD, but that’s what my cube is hooked up to 😉

After a quick burl through Donkey Kong Country 2, I loaded up Stunt Race FX. I played this game to death as a kid, and it turns out I can still remember both the nuances of the game mechanics and the track layouts. Not only that, after crashing out on my first attempt I went on to absolutely smash my previous record for the first cup in the game by a full minute (each cup is 4 races).

I guess it shows how much more complicated racing games are today, in just 4 years my skills at them have improved this much!