There’s been a bit of excitement recently about Yahoo offering songs without DRM. Most sites fail to mention that it’s only one track so far, a Jessica Simpson track that you can get with your name in it. But quite rightly everybody is excited about the prospect of big labels finally caving in and selling DRM free music.

Podshow has been doing this for a while, they’ve had MP3s for podcasters to play since the site went live a year ago and slowly they’re opening up the purchasing beta so listeners can download the same DRM free files for 99c. The number of times I’ve heard a band thank a podcast via audio feedback is insane, lots of small indie artists are doing well because of promotion on podcasts and that should only increase once anyone can make their music available for sale.

Plenty of small record labels are uploading tracks to the PMN, recognising the value of it for promotional purposes rather than getting bogged down worried about piracy.
There are some big names joining the fun too, the latest being James Brown last week.


The revolution is on, indeed.