My Ecto trial expired today, which forced me to finally try some other editors I found in my travels. Here are my notes so far.

blogwizard – $22.95.

  • loses points for no easy detection of my blog.
  • I had to manually enter the settings (the "update server list" button errored with a 404)
  • Was the fastest at downloading every single post in my list, but due to point 2 it didn’t know how to interpret the wordpress XML and jumbled the posts in with the titles.
  • Not impressed.

BlogJet – $39.95.

  • Only app so far to offer SSL as well as normal connection for XML-RPC to Unfortunately it couldn’t connect to it, although my browser can 😉
  • Can download up to 100 old posts, did so fairly quickly and has a different icon for posts with images in them.
  • Unfortunately their editor is overly simple to the point of distraction, and the post as draft option is hidden away in a menu.

Post2Blog – $39.

  • Annoyingly auto-completed the first word in this sentence into a big long marketing spiel. Luckily, that was easy to remove.
  • No issues connecting to WordPress, and in fact had it selected as the default server so it may have scraped the registry for other tools’ settings.
  • A fantastic little editor, has both post as draft and post + publish buttons built in which is very nice.
  • Can only download a max of 50 old posts, and has to do so every single time you request the recent list. Speed is pretty good.
  • Spell check as-you-type doesn’t let you finish some words before it marks them as spelling errors.
  • Full spell checker refuses to accept double spaces between sentences. I’m a double spaces kinda guy, so I won’t be using the "spell check before posting" option.
  • I love the validate link option when inserting hyperlinks, although it doesn’t have an option to navigate to links I’ve created (this gets worse with the next note).
  • No preview option. I have to save a draft to my blog and once I’ve done that it doesn’t have any way to view the draft preview. At least Ecto gets this part right, and it’s one of the most important.
  • Supports three key commands that Ecto doesn’t which are indispensible for people who grew up with DOS – shift+del, ctrl+ins and shift+ins. The old-school ctrl+x, c, and v.
  • The only one of the three I’m trusting to write this post.
  • Has a posting / editing interface that looks kinda like how I’d write a blog editor.

So far despite significant improvements in the editing and posting interface of Post2Blog, with the problems I’m noting so far I can’t see myself shelling out $40 for it when Ecto is only $18. I’m going to use Post2Blog for a few days, if only so I can copy/paste text in a blog entry without having to think about which keyboard shortcut to use.

At this point however I’m more inclined to ask for extra keyboard shortcuts in Ecto than ask ByteScout for a preview option in their blog editor. They’re a commercial company with 13 products, Ecto only has one product and their Windows version is still catching up to their OSX release (which is a prime time to make little suggestions ;))