As reported all over the web, this morning Google introduced their latest offering, .

AJ points out the depth of information Google now have applications for, and Marshall over at TechChrunch says:

I don’t know why I’d use Google Checkout over PayPal if I had a choice, and if I don’t have a choice I’m liable to resent it.

While they both make good points, personally I hope this becomes a wild success.

I’ve beaten to death what PayPal did to me, and it’s lead to quite a few purchases that I just couldn’t make.  Paypal is the only low-cost payment scheme available a to lot of small companies and so plenty of them use it.  With free transactions for AdWords users and costs after that quite a bit lower
than PayPal
, I can see this becoming a popular choice, which means I’ll be able to buy from them 😀

The one element I am ignoring in all this is the privacy concerns, because I’ve ignored all of Google’s other offerings except gmail which I only use for a couple of mailing lists.  If we have indeed just had Google’s full-blown version of passport served to us in bite-sized chunks, I welcome our new corporate overlords because I don’t subscribe to every single service they can track me with.

… well I will, as soon as they let people outside America sign up 😦