There are two big things that bugged me about upgrading from 8 to 9.

The first is the new FireFox-style keyboard shortcuts.  Having used Opera since version 5, I never liked the IE/Firefox use of ctrl+n, ctrl+t, ctrl+d and ctrl+b.  Thankfully this was solved during beta by an old-school keyboard shortcuts post from one of the developers (scroll to the end of the post for links that will download a version 8 or 7.5 style keyboard shortcut map directly into Opera).

The second was that Ctrl+F started popping up a dialog instead of simply setting focus to the “Find In Page” box.  I vaguely remembered an option in previous Opera versions to change this, but neither the Opera preferences dialog nor google had any solutions.  I eventually decided to search the Opera forums, and thankfully I found out what happened.

Opera decided that this feature wasn’t used much, so they moved it to the new advanced preferences page.  You can read the forum post, or for reference here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to opera:config
  2. In the quick search box, type “use integrated search” (by the time you type “use i” it’ll be the only option left)
  3. Check the box to enable it
  4. Hit save
  5. Ctrl+F will now set focus to the little box that by default says google in the top right of your window instead of popping up a dialog

In searching for a solution, I found a myriad of people complaining that Ctrl+F didn’t copy the FireFox method.  IMO with all the changes they made to make keyboard shortcuts mimic FireFox, missing this one seems a little dim-witted to me.


BTW, Opera’s Find In Page has been around since version 6.0 released December 2001; FireFox actually copied this not the other way around as I’ve seen claimed on some message boards.  Other little complaints like moving the close button from each tab to the top-right corner also exist if you look.