I should be asleep, it’s nearing 1am.  But 20 minutes ago staying up late became worth it, as Hank from Binary Star Music sent me the download links to the CD I was interested in but couldn’t buy due to paypal issues 😀

The CD is an EP from Lorena Miré called “Kid in a Candy Store”, and I’ve spent the last 20 minutes listening to the entire thing.  The pre-order is only $5, and for that you get 6 very cool songs (which can all be previewed on the site).  I’m not particularly good at describing music, but the genre in the ID3 tag – “Acoustic Alt-Rock” – pretty much nails it.

Please check her music out and if you like it, buy it to support some people who are helping to fuel this revolution.  And tell ’em I sent you, I want to give a little back.