A few times over the last 4 months I’ve hinted at a couple of posts about purchasing podsafe music that I’ve been brewing since February (they’ve actually been idle the last 3 months, I was pretty slack about that).  I just finished them, although now I need to go back and reword some stuff that made sense 4 months ago but has gone way out of context and makes no sense.

The problem I have is that they’re both the biggest posts I’ve ever written for this blog, at ~1500 and ~1200 words apiece.  This is far too long for my current theme, and while I’d hope the majority of my readers use the RSS feed and don’t have that issue I’m not so much of a geek that I’d force people who don’t to read that much in a squished up column.

I’ve been meaning to find a wider theme ever since I settled on this one, I just like the way it looks and the header pic.  Ah well, any theme that makes me not want to post has got to go.  So if you’re reading this on the site, the theme may change a bit in between page loads πŸ˜‰