I’ve started using Ecto as my primary blog editor, and with 2 weeks left on the trial period it’s the only one that I’ve trusted with uploading anything to my blog (I used it to post my Microsoft opinion a couple of days ago).  This morning I found an option to increase the number of recent entries it downloads, and it managed to get all 3 of my drafts!  I also found the option to disable “use current date when posting”, previously any edits to already published entries updated the post time which gets really annoying  πŸ˜¦

There are really only 2 things so far that bug me about this app, and both are things I’m willing to live with and just submit a bug report.

  • It can’t do nesting in numbered lists, only unordered lists.  At all.  They appear to render when editing, but switching to HTML view and back just gives you 2 lists.
  • The published / draft column in the main window is useless to the point of distraction.  If I save a draft to the server in Ecto and publish it with the WP editor, it stays as a draft in Ecto (even after refresh).  My 3 draft entries show up as published on the 1st of January 1970.
    • This may be a limitation of the WordPress.com API, I don’t know.  It’s not a deal-breaking issue in any case.

The mere fact that it managed to download my drafts and let me edit them puts it ahead of everything else I’ve tried to date.  Speaking of date, if this comes through as posted at 2:30pm then the current date option I just turned off works perfectly πŸ˜€