I guess by any normal definition of the term it is. I’ve found in the last month that I lacked the motivation to stop what I was doing and either write about something I thought was worth blogging, or finish the podsafe music posts I keep hinting about (I just checked, I started writing them on the 20th of Feb :()

It’s not so much that I can’t make the time but more that I’m not sure who, if anybody, is actually reading this. WordPress tells me I have about 10 visitors a day, and around 8 subscriptions to my RSS feed… but are they all spammers? The last comment that wasn’t spam was 3 months ago! (admittedly I’ve only posted twice in the last 7 weeks, but still ;))

Do I not post anything worth commenting on? Am I that boring? Or have my readers all abandoned me 🙂

Either way I’m going to try and work on actually getting back into blogging this time, it can’t be too much longer before my workmates discover that I have a blog, hopefully by then I’ve found my style!