A few weeks ago, I started catching up on my Podcasts. There were a few that I had subscribed to but not listened to nearly enough, so I was up to nearly 6 days worth of backlog. At around the same time, I started getting seriously interested in playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted (definitely the best NFS game ever). This is a fairly mindless, pure skill & reflexes racing game which is convenient as I can listen to podcasts that require my attention and still keep occupied playing the game.

So between actual listening and unsubscribing from shows I don’t really like, I’m down to about 3.5 days. Pretty impressive if you ask me, considering how much I’m staying subscribed to and current with. All that time had to come from somewhere though, and I realised tonight that it came from time I normally would’ve spent blogging. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, I’ve yet to decide. There have been plenty of times when I’ve thought “hey, I should blog that” but have been either too tired, too busy or just too interested in racing fast cars at the time, and then I forget what I wanted to blog about. So from that perspective, it has been bad.

On the other hand I’m still not 100% comfortable with how I want to blog, so it’s a good chance to reflect on how I’ve been blogging and what I want my “style” to be. For example, I’ve also realised that I want to be a little more open and natural on this blog. What I’ve done so far is somewhat more formal, thought out and processed than things I put in emails or forum posts to friends. I like doing that, but it makes these entries take far longer to write than they should – probably contributing to my lack of desire to post here 🙂

I also need to just start posting little things that interest me, hopefully building up a better picture of myself to anyone reading. I do a lot of that on a forum I subscribe to; either posting interesting links there or sending links from there to friends. I think I do that because I know I’ll get a bigger audience than I would here; I’m not ready to start advertising the existance of this blog to anyone and everyone I know. I’ll do my best to start posting on impulse though, it should make this whole process easier.

Between things happening at work, E3 and the rest of the technology universe, there will be plenty for me to offer my opinion on in the coming weeks so we’ll see how it goes. I certainly don’t want to stop blogging, just alter how I approach it so it doesn’t feel like something that I have to set aside a lot of time to do. I still have those “buying podsafe music” posts I started back in what, february? geez. They have completely fallen by the wayside, I really had hoped to get them finished over the 4 consecutive long weekends we’ve had in Queensland but somehow I just couldn’t make the time 😉

Finally, I just realised that I seriously, SERIOUSLY need to invest some time looking for a desktop blog editing tool, as over the process of writing this and saving occasionally I managed to lose at LEAST 30 minutes worth of typing with minor net hiccups and it’s seriously pissing me off because I can never remember exactly what changed since my previous successful save >_<
(so my apologies if something seems to be missing a word or a train of thought suddenly ends, that’s probably one of those points!)

It’s weird, I swear when I first started using WordPress I could recover from an error during posting by hitting my back button and my post would still be there (I use Opera, so it’s just a textarea). Sometime in the last 5 or 6 months, that changed and now it reloads the edit page (destroying my changes). That, and only that, is what has changed my opinion of it from reasonable tool to heap of crap editor, and is driving me away.