In browsing the technorati tag yesterday, I noticed one of the posts was trying to blame it on global warming. That wasn’t the only time I saw such accusations, and I have news for people like this.

A quick google search will turn up a link of cyclone disasters in Australia, and as you can see this sort of thing is pretty normal when taken in context. Context, in this case, is centuries rather than 5-10 years as the “HOLY SHIT WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” people of the world like to base their facts on.

Yes, global warming is a problem. I’m not trying to deny that. But disasters like this happen in Australia, they tend to happen on a cycle, and they will continue to happen. When the local community knows how to prepare for storms like this that happen regularly, and they have the full support of their government, it’s manageable.

A disaster was declared the day before, giving emergency evacuation powers, funding and triggering a huge preparation effort by the locals (last 5 sentences of the article). A full state emergency has been declared today, granting not only more state funding but federal funding as well. The federal government has also chipped in with extra funding from centrelink (the Australian agency that distributes welfare and unemployment benefits).

Weather related emergencys are nothing new in Queensland. Apologies for the side track to poke at the tragic events in America last year, but we know how to deal with them properly.

A year ago, cyclone ingrid hit the coast to the north as a category 4 (still comparable to Katrina), but it hit in a much more remote area. We get big cyclones all the time, and if Larry had ventured north into the Gulf of Carpentaria it would’ve reformed and either come back onto populated areas there (as has happened in the past) or continued on as Ingrid did. Occasionally big ones hit populated areas which is when it becomes news. This does not mean they are caused by global warming.