Ever since I started listening to podcasts in November 2004, I’ve thought it would be cool to get my name mentioned on one of the big popular podcasts I listen to. Right now that consists of Dawn & Drew, Adam Curry, CC Chapman and Father Roderick. I listen to a LOT more than that of course but those are the big names I’m subscribed to.

I probably could have sent in a comment designed to get some play, especially early on before they became huge; but I wanted it to be a serious comment. I’ve sent comments to all of them before, received replies from all but AC and even chatted with CC via email a little. The closest I got to a mention was on DSC show #341, when Kevin Reeves sent in feedback about “an Australian listener” (me) in relation to the paypal incident. It made me happy, but I didn’t count that because it wasn’t directly from me.

Well, it finally happened. I sent an email to Fr. Roderick last night after posting about the cyclone, and this morning it was with mixed feelings that as I downloaded today’s Daily Breakfast I saw the cyclone mentioned in the episode title, and then heard my name mentioned on the show (as well as my blog linked to from the show notes). The Daily Breakfast doesn’t have a permalink to each show that I can see, so if by the time you read this it’s not on the main page (look for the satellite pic of Australia) then it’ll be in the archives (episode 93). It’s worth a listen, he plays some audio from an ABC news video clip.

I’m elated that I finally got a worthy mention, but at the same time sad that it took a disaster to get there.