My wrap up of Larry, as described in my previous post.

I guess I’ll start with the people closest to me. I rang my grandma after I knew the bulk of the storm had passed, and she said that the rain was horizontal, all the furniture on her verandah had been picked up and was gone, her garden was a mess but she and (as far as I could tell) the house were OK. I just got off the phone with my mum, who is far enough out west that they don’t even have rain from what is now a category 2 cyclone and expected to further weaken. She did tell me of trees uprooted all through Atherton, and one of her friends had an old tree so devastated that after they cut back the damaged parts it lost 20 years worth of growth.

A friend of mine comes from a farm at Kairi, around 15 minutes drive from where my Grandma is (at an angle, it’s like a triangle between Atherton, my grandma and Kairi with around 15 mins drive between each point). He has photos of the farm, and gave me permission to share a few of them.

The garden copped a fair bashing, with trees snapping or being uprooted.

The rest of the farm has some damage too, but the most spectactular of the photos are of the barns. I believe that’s an orchard on the side.

Moving a little further afield, the most popular news is the devastation of Innisfail, and in particular how screwed the farmers are. 290km/hr winds, followed by the same winds in the reverse direction 45 minutes later can do that. Then there are the stories / pictures of how much damage the edge of it did to Cairns.

While reading those stories note how low the human injuries were, and the praise for the government-run State Emergency Services (SES), this is a coastline and community that is used to cyclones (although not normally this bad), can prepare properly and respond immediately. I even read in one article that the SES in Cairns had just finished a week-long training course on what they would do in the event of a category 5 cyclone. Lucky eh 😉

As well as the news stories, check out the photos under “related links”:

They keep updating those galleries… Just noticed the first photo of Atherton I’ve seen so far. This street is a block from where my mum and sister lived after I moved to Brisbane for uni. I can remember that street being part of my junk mail delivery run in high school.

There is plenty of other coverage of the cyclone, I used google news to search using either cyclone or innisfail cyclone. I linked to the more important / useful stories I could find.
But it doesn’t end there. Oh no my friends, as mentioned on a few sites there is another cyclone, Wati, that is most definitely coming, and although no warnings have been issued yet the currently projected path is looking bloody scary, it could hit land by the end of the week.

I hope it doesn’t. I’m going to keep my eye out for more photos of Atherton, it’s a beautiful little town but that might not be the case anymore after the cyclone apparently took 3 hours to pass over.