iTunes just got a whole lot cooler.

I started using it not because it was required to use my iPod, but because ml_iPod screws up the podcast list on the iPod. I then discovered that all of the podcast aggregators only support making playlists rather than hooking into the podcast list; so I started using iTunes as my podcast aggregator as well. It’s not the best by a long shot, but I absolutely need that menu as it provides an easy way to listen to a single episode and then stop.

So here’s the deal. For basically the entire time I’ve been listening to podcasts, at the end of each day I go through and delete the ones I have listened to. iTunes makes this fairly easy with a “last played” sorting. I saw the option to keep only unplayed episodes, but sometimes I want to keep an episode and that makes auto delete a baaaad thing.

A month or two ago, one of the iTunes 6 updates added a “do not auto delete” option on the right click menu. Looking back it seems so obvious, but at the time I believed one report that it was to do with iTunes automatically halting podcast updates if you don’t listen to 5 shows in a row. I realised in reading something last week that it actually is used to overried the “keep x episodes” setting, and can be used on either individual episodes or entire podcasts.

This makes it very handy for me, but what makes it awesome is that the auto deletion only happens when you do a podcast update, not when syncing with the iPod! This means you can mark as “do not delete” in between plugging the iPod in and iTunes wiping the played episodes.

This option doesn’t appear when right clicking in the general library list, but meh we take what we can get.