So I finally did it. I haven’t paid this much for a single piece of technology since my video card almost 18 months ago, and despite some last minute discoveries in reviews (no firewire, and unplugging the headphones no longer pauses, WTF) I went ahead and ordered myself a Black 60gb toy with “Spyder” engraved on the back 😀 😀

I’ve slowed down my blogging again, or rather it probably seems that way but in actual fact I have some mammoth posts coming. I’m keeping notes as I buy podsafe music, since that’s not particularly easy being in Australia, and I started writing so much about each artist that I split it into 2 posts. I’m up to 1250 words combined already and I still have quite a few to go! I’m also slowly adding to my list of stuff to buy which doesn’t help, I may have to cut a few artists out to keep the post size sane 😉