The iPod rumormill continues, but I no longer care

So as I was doing up my order for a 5g iPod on the Apple store this morning, two posts came through from Think Secret. The first, about the iPod video having a 4-inch screen made me realise that any dissapointment over the recent apple announcements was unwarranted because the original “start of april” rumor for the hasn’t changed, and still makes perfect sense (Apples 30th birthday).

Then I read the second post, claiming to be details from an industry executive about Apple running out of time to strike a subscription deal for movie downloads.

So the iPod video is coming. That second post is far too detailed to be faked, in my opinion. And despite my earlier thoughts that this was a must-have device, I began to wonder if this was really the device for me – from the subject you know the answer, but here’s my list of pros and cons.

  • Pros
  • 4-inch screen, which I believe puts it on par with the PSP
  • Touch screen interface (only rumored though, still a chance it will be on the side of the device?)
  • Sexy and can be used to make friends jealous
  • New toy, fun to play with

Not a very long list, is it? πŸ˜‰

  • Cons
  • It will either have disgusting battery life, very small storage capacity or be horrendously expensive. Maybe all 3.
    A 60gb iPod with the AppleCare protection plan costs A$700. That’s actually beyond the limits of what I’m willing to pay, but 30gb just seems a little restrictive for the A$150 saving.

  • I like the interface and control locations for my 4g iPod. Scratch that, I love them. It works so well I don’t want to buy something that isn’t an iPod. The tactile feed back from the buttons is something that will not happen on a touch screen device, and a dynamic scroll wheel just sounds silly to me. Apple is good at making complex interfaces easy, but still…

  • This device sounds like it is designed to play video, with music as a secondary option. If I am at home, I watch movies on my 24″ monitor. If I had the opportunity to watch videos on a 4-inch screen, I’d own a PSP by now.
    I want an iPod for music, and anything extra is just for show – yes I will probably watch video clips on my iPod for fun, but not enough to make me buy a device designed for video.

  • Apple is renowned for releasing substandard products in their first revision, turning the early adopters into beta testers.

  • I don’t want to download movies by subscription. One of the best rants on why buying your content through a model that isn’t guaranteed to be permanant comes from Dave Slusher a couple of months ago, and is the main reason I decided to start avoiding the iTunes music store unless absolutely necessary.

  • Last, but most importantly – any video deal they make won’t include Australia. I can almost guarantee this. If you have iTunes installed, go to the music store and change your location (down the bottom of the front page) to Australia. Now click on tv shows… OH WAIT, YOU CAN’T. We only get music videos 😦

As you can see, it just isn’t worth the wait for me. I didn’t buy a PSP because I couldn’t see any time when I would want to watch a movie on a screen that small; trying to do stuff like reading while commuting just makes me carsick.

The “holy crap this is a fantastic toy” bug has worn off, I’ve looked at this with the reasoning I apply to all new technology purchases over $50, and I’ve decided it would be a waste of money. I’m getting my black 60g 5g iPod, and it’s going to have “Spyder” engraved on the back πŸ˜€

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