It was mid november 2004. I’d been using RSS heavily for the year or so since the FeedDemon release that got me into RSS, and I can’t quite remember where but I heard about this podcasting thing. I clearly remember the very first podcast I listened to, it was (like so many others) the Daily Source Code and this was just before Adam left his castle, I believe he had already packed up ready to go. I was instantly hooked and have listened to every episode since.

I also clearly remember my first Dawn and Drew show. Before I’d bought an MP3 player, sitting at work and about 5 seconds into the intro stopped it, going red faced and hoping nobody had heard it through my headphones πŸ˜€
Later listened to the full thing, this was early on (before they’d even done the fake sex show) and I’ve listened to every show up to my current entry in the backlog, 210 (I stopped listening for a while just before podshow signed them, and with 5 shows a week it takes a while to catch up hehe)

I won’t go into detail for all of the shows I listen to, but all of the ones I list here I discovered in 2004 and am still listening to.

  • Evil Genius Chronicles
  • Catholic Insider (and now also the Daily Breakfast)
    • I’m not actually catholic, but his shows are really good and I was raised going to catholic church etc etc so it’s not like I hate the religion
  • Coverville
  • Accident Hash and later the U-Turn cafe
    • I didn’t actually start listening this until early 2005 but DAMN it’s just such a good show πŸ˜€

I quickly bought a 256mb flash player so I could listen to them while walking to work, and then migrated to an iPod when given the chance. I haven’t listened to a full radio show in over 15 months, and only a couple of mainstream CDs. It’s a fantastic revolution, and ever since it started getting big at the end of 2004 I’ve been proud to participate as a listener.

I failed to get any of my friends interested, but oh well. Their loss πŸ™‚