FeedDemon’s hidden solution to Information Overload

Way, way back in the FD1.6 release notes there was mention of an easter egg. I spent a bit of time making foolish key combinations on the about box (based on memories of the IE4 easter egg) but I got tired of that pretty quickly. However during the FD2.0 alpha I found out what the secret is (it’s very sneaky) šŸ˜‰

You may not believe it, but 5 weeks ago when Nick left a comment about suggested screenshots I immediately went out and took them. And they’ve been sitting on my desktop ever since, reminding me occasionally that I really should post them.

Nick has already spoiled the details but I thought I’d post the screenshots anyway – look at his post for details on how to access the easter egg.

When you first load the game, you crack up at the images of Dave, Scoble and Steve Rubel (at least I think that’s who it is, the bad editing makes his ears far too wide and it’s hard to be sure :D)

Once you start playing, it’s very easy – once you stop laughing at the demon hand catching unread posts.

The game doesn’t take long to pick up the pace though!

And the coolest feature? If your boss comes over, alt-tab to your real work and FD kindly pauses the game for you.

It’s been a while since I saw an easter egg like this that wasn’t in a game, and this one is very cool as well as superbly hidden. Nicely done Nick!

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