By the title, you probably think this is referring to something I was using the iPod for. In fact, I’m referring to the new iPod rumors 😉

my iPod stopped working 2 weeks ago (I really need to blog more) and after some investigation I determined it was a hardware failure – holding it up to my ear I could hear the drive spin up, then it clicked, went silent and tried spinning up again. My first concern was some photos that I hadn’t backed up – through some freakish stroke of luck turning it face down fixed it just long enough for me to copy those off.

I contacted an apple store to get it fixed, but it was out of warranty – my sister won it in a competition last year, and I bought it off her (40gb 4g model for the price of a 6gb mini… :D) but according to the serial number the iPod had been purchased about 6-8 months before my sister received it 😦

Now buying a new iPod doesn’t worry me because I got this one fairly cheap, and my data was backed up. Then Think Secret dropped the bomb about a new video iPod with touch screen and everything… and I had a dillema.

Do I agree with everyone else that a touch screen iPod will suck, and buy a video iPod now in case they stop selling them when this new model comes out? Or do I trust Apple’s fantastic designers, try to fix this one and stick with it until the rumoured announcement in April? And what about the crazy price they quoted in the rumor? I can fork out for a 60gb 5g iPod + extra year warranty, but a full screen video model would not only cost more it’d have less storage capacity.

My concern over the decision ceased that night, after I’d started researching where to buy replacement hard drives – the damn thing starts working intermittently. I restored it, thumped it on the bed a few times and it’s un-stuck whatever the problem was and has been working ok ever since (I am treating it extremely gently though ;)).

Today I read that the announcement will be next week, so while this iPod could now probably last until April, it looks like I’ll be buying something at the start of March. I’m looking forward to not worrying about my iPod failing, and since this one lacks some of the cooler features found in the iPod photo and later it’ll be a fantastic new toy either way.

I just hope Apple don’t stop selling the current video iPod, as I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll still want one of those.