Last week, I didn’t even manage what had become a weekly blog post on Tuesday. When I say I’m busy a lot of my friends either roll their eyes or give me some remark about why do I spend all my time doing that. I find this somewhat annoying, but nonetheless I find it very easy to get caught up in my hobby – World of Warcraft.

Pretty much everybody who hasn’t played these games doesn’t consider it a useful form of social interaction. And in a lot of cases it probably isn’t. My guild however is a long established group of people in Australia, New Zealand and anyone who plays in our timezone – they’re more like family. When you get 40 people together including voice chat, and co-ordinate to take down a 5-6 hour raid instance, you need good teamwork and friendship or it isn’t any fun. And when the fun stops, I stop playing. There are too many options for me to continue playing a game I don’t enjoy.

Back on topic – for nearly a month up until last week, this was my average day:

  • Wake up with only just enough time to get ready for work
  • Arrive at work a few minutes late due to something going awry on the way
  • Work a bit late to make up for that
  • Due to leaving work late, get home just before a game raid is about to start
  • Stay up late raiding / otherwise enjoying the company of my guild members
  • Leave my alarm set late to squeeze in as much sleep as possible

Most people consider this sort of behaviour an addiction but I’ve proven myself good at breaking out of those – I just need to be given a good reason for it. My best example is softdrink; I used to drink at least 4 litres a week of coke a week while at work, a definite addiction. Once I finished uni and didn’t see a use for it anymore, I stopped overnight.

So my reason: Mid last week I was given a choice at work that involved coming into work early for a while. I was becoming a little burnt out on raiding so I took the opportunity as an unbreakable excuse to not raid (except on the weekend where I’ve made something of a pig of myself ;)). And then I didn’t make time to post last week because I was having a little difficulty re-training my sleeping patterns, sigh 🙂

I do have a couple of post ideas floating around my head, one of them was stolen but I’ll post it anyway. Just not yet 😛