I was listening to today’s Daily Source Code when Adam played a comment (starts at 11 minutes) by a guy calling himself Rubber Head. He had a very interesting point of view on all this over censorship in the chinese version.

Look at the clothes you wear, and how many of those are made in Chinese sweat shops. Is supporting the chinese censorship laws really that much worse? Look at who owns one of the biggest oil companies in the world. If we’re all going to bash Google, we should be looking at our own lives and how we’re supporting the communist regime we claim to hate so much. Even your furniture may come from China.

Either we strip all chinese products from our lives, or we support google. To do anything in between is hypocritical.


Adam goes on to talk about another comment where it is revealed that anyone who understands english can get everything they need anyway as the censorship only really applies on chinese web pages; furthermore english is taught in schools all over China. So bashing google over censorship is a moot point and just an example of people who have an inner hatred of google (or more likely, shadow projection).