I had a nice surprise when I woke up this morning – my design post gathered enough attention to push my blog onto the wordpress.com homepage top 10, which instantly doubled the traffic from my previous top referrer and I ended up at #4 for a while. That sort of traffic puts me in the dashboard of every wordpress.com user!

I’m going to use some of this newfound power to plug my good mate critter who posted his FD2 thoughts yesterday. Well worth a read.

Another revelation was that I have subscribers, to the point where I’m showing up on blogrolls. I never expected this to happen so soon, and while it gives me warm fuzzy feelings I realised that unless you’ve read my first few posts this could be mistaken for a tech blog.

Unfortunately while I am a geek and there will be plenty of tech posts, I don’t want to restrict myself to just that and have no intention of creating a second blog after finding such a good blog host that didn’t have the name “spyder” taken 😛

So if you want just a tech blog, subscribe to my software category (I may later make a “tech” category but that’ll do for now).  If you want to hear about my life, troubles, opinions or whatever else I end up posting, you’re more than welcome to stick around for the full feed.


No FD posts today btw, last night was my weekly City of Heroes RP group and tonight is a big raid in my WoW guild, our second serious attempt at Blackwing Lair.