oh noes, another NY post! 😉

Holidays are such fun. We flew to Sydney on the 26th, had a great time catching up with friends who might as well be family, and returned on the 29th. Photos will appear sometime, I’m using it as my excuse to start a flickr account (we ended up with about 80 of them!).

NYE was one of my best efforts in a while. Invited over for what sounded like a few drinks between friends, turned out to be a cocktail party. Lets see if I can get it all right.

* 4-5 beers of the 6-pack (carlton draught) that I took. Spread out through the following, in order:
* too many cocktails in between that were fed to me.
* glass of bubbly at midnight
* another cocktail that was made by a very drunk Emily and ended up almost totally alcohol (strong enough for me to notice that it was really strong while in my drunken state)
* a shot (or two, memory is fuzzy at this point) that Adam made

needless to say my plans of walking home were shot; I was sane enough to SMS my mum saying I wouldn’t be home, but not sane enough to realise it was 2:30am at the time 😀

Since then it’s been all about relaxing as this is the week off from work that I get to spend at home; mum being around means I can’t spend it all slacking but also means I get mothered a lot 🙂

Hopefully I’ll start a decent blogging schedule once I get back to work.