It’s been something like 4 or 5 years since I learned about blogging and thought about starting one. There have been an insane number of times when I’ve wanted a blog to post about or comment on an event that has happened.

Hell it’s been a month since I found out that “spyder” was available on The lack of a domain name involving my online nickname was probably my primary reason for not doing this earlier šŸ˜‰

The rest of it was, I think, being unsure of what the hell to post. I’ve been reading blogs all this time and have seen everything from diaries, to life stories, to stupid spam link blogs.

I’m still not really sure what this blog will be, but as I sit here at 1am on christmas morning, in front of the TV with my mum and sister (yay for mums wireless iBook! :D) I just want to start something.

It’s not so much a new years resolution, as just finally breaking through something that I’ve planned to do for ages. I have a tendancy to ramble, but… well I’ll save that story for some other time before this post ends up leading into my life story! hehehe